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Friday, October 8, 2010

Campy Shank Interbike 2010/Subrosa

this knife is one of a kind...
i was in the Knog Booth at Interbike and my Buddy Jim from Tom Hall showed me this amazing piece of bike shop art!
made from a Campy Pedal Wrench and a Campy Bottom Bracket, a beautiful and extremely sharp SHANK!
i love seeing crazy one off stuff like this!
absolutely sexy!

Meanwhile... in the land of BMX... Subrosa is comming out with some
amazing product.. like this devilish new sprocket!
Ryan Sher walked us through their new line personally.
straight up, i support any rider owned and operated company

I'm going to take this time to express this factor in any company, riders know bikes the best, period. They will produce a better product nuff said!

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