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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ptown got down!

so i posted a few days ago that there was an All Bike Art show in downtown Pomona, well last night was the opening night...
o man was it a hit.
i have never seen such a greta mix of artists and culture all revolving around bikes
there were lowriders ,old school and new school bmx, custom beach cruisers, commuter fixed gears,
conversion frames, trick bikes, vintage track bikes, antique tricycles, vintage road bikes... and that was just the bikes!
the art work consisted of these Artists
Joey ( cant remember my boys last name) He stole the show with his amazing self portrait oil painting. And his pride and joy conversion commuter displayed under
SHAGGY showed off his rather unusual art, along with his Package!
Grant displayed the black and white of shaggy along with some other very good prints, some that he made into small cards that were half gone by other gallery owners before the show even started! Props of the floating bike prints man!

Meow showed some love for his home town and displayed some awesome posters of the infamous Kitty! this guy is one of my good friends that really sparked the fixed scene in the Inland Empire, amazing artists and rider!
Andrew was all smiles last night! beautiful use of color! im thinking of using this design on a Bumsteads shirt?!?!

Im not going to boast about my piece because that would just be lame. so id like to Thank Miguel, Jose, Cisco, Aldo (Aster Mag!)Francis, and everyone in downtown that i have met over the past month. i am much appreciative of the help, damn good show!
i want personally express my love for Pomona and the vibe that goes down on the west side art district!
we are going to make this Bike Art show a semi regular thing so if you know of any cyclist artists please send them my way. gotta bring your bike with your piece! please feel free to look through my Flickr for the rest of the shots

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