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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pedals in P town!

All bicycle art show, going down in Downtown Pomona during their Artwalk!
I decided to try and hype up the growing bike community in Pomona and surrounding areas!
Every Artist is a cyclist and most of the work will be bike related. even the Gallery we are doing the show in is constantly filled with Vintage BMX bikes ( which will still be on display!
artists will have their bikes with them, as well as some very interesting displays of bikes from over 100 years old to built up last month! be sure to check the article on the show over at Aster**** zine. ( on a side note, this E-zine is run locally and showcases all kinds of fashion, art shows, upcomming artists, etc..) Dont be lame go peep it good stuff Props Aldo!
ride down and chill with us.

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