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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Red Bull Ride and Rage!

to start this story out i will admit i way under planned going and it made the trip that much more awesome being so random!
anyways, as some of you may know, Red Bull had their first Ride and Style event go down in San Fransisco this weekend.
big shout out to BrieSmash and Anthony "of the Night!" for letting me crash and for all the good times!

The Event Consisted of two disciplines of fix
ed gear ridding. Track Racing and Freestyle ridding. The Race was a super narro
w speedway along the perimeter of the downtown park. Riders had to make sharp banked turns while at the same time elbow down the straights, all this and still they were battling each other's time!
Jason Clary (Pake) a local to SF managed to out pedal one of his good friends to take the win!

and that was just the races!
the trick comp was a whole'nother animal! with custom designed ramps from artists all around the west coast including Arlo Eisenberg(Gost). about 20 riders from as far as japan! One of the pioneers of fixed gear Freestlye, Keo Curry was hosting all the trick riders and spoke with them
before they were given the chance to ride setups ranging from a 10 foot tall quarter pipe, a high roller gap, bank to bank transfers, and 3 big red rails at the center of the course. kept it san fransisco friendly with a rainbow rail haha

So much madness went down! Joe Mckeag killed it with a busted headset we were fixing after every round. Congo decided to smash up the plastic dice instead of just Gapping over them!
i have to say the 540's that were being done on the quarter pipe were the craziest! Boothby got boosted over vert on his!
i also had the pleasure of Watching Kozo ( japan) backflip and tailwhip... yea on a fixed gear!
if all that doesnt sound like enough. after all the madness in the park, all of us decided to show the streets of SF that their cars had a place in our hearts!
Creep the rest of my shots of this weekend on my flickr! Willis is a Biter!

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