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Monday, May 9, 2011

A big piece of Cinelli pie...

no matter how many which ways we misprounoce it, Cinelli pie sounds good to me! any of you bike geeks will know a Cinelli is simple, sweet, and kinda makes your mouth water, if that doesnt sound like a good pie i wasnt a fat kid! haha. We just got this bad boy intoday. before i had a chance to even open the box Stephen had it in the rack drooling...this fool already has his own too...
point being they are purrrrty.
give ya a few part specs just for a teaser.
Frame: Cinelli Gazetta ( Cinellis Columbus Steel Butted frame that has the classic track through the city feel, rigid but sturdy)
Fork: Matching Color Steal inch and an eighth threadless.
Crank: EAI Cobra
Stem: Cinelli Ant 70mm
Bars: Cinelli Pista Drops
Wheels: Velocity Deep V's ( classic and proven)

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