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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

YO MANG?????

Theirs another contender in the trick track scene "born january 2010" The Grime is a clothing/frame company started in Brooklyn by Wonka and Tory Thornton. Its just soo bizzare that this scene hasn't even been around that long and all ready sketchy biz is happening. After Wonka getting a basically signature frame form GOrilla, with in that year now part owner of a company. All that aside, its none the less a very cool frame and unique because theirs two versions 26" and 700c. the 26 holds a 2.5 and the 700 hold a 50!!!!!. bmx only, but comes with bb and headset, no fork yet. but built in NYC. it said msrp 700$ but then i went latter and said 800$

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