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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

500 miles in 6 days!

The dudes left Upland Train Station on Wed. 23rd.
Daniel V, Grant G, Stephen Plante, Matt Plante, Patrick,Shaggy, And Baby!they left San Fransisco on the 24th on their bikes. Everyone was ridding fixed.
Shaggy on a Volume Thrasher, Daniel V. on a conversion road frame, Grant on a steel Pista.

Well four of them rolled into LA today after 6 days on their bikes!

Tons of pictures of the last 3 days i havent heard from these guys.
me and Stephen thought they might have died ha.

The dudes got a little pissed i said they hitchhiked through big sur.
Baby seemed to have the win for most Gay poses on this trip!
They made some interesting friends along the way
wanna give a shout out to the Roadie Group that helped along the way.
and the twins... haha

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