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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Things That Roll In...

Another classic rolled into the shop for repair the other day.
Vitus was a frame company around in the late 70s-80s era.
they were most famous for their combination of Steel and Aluminum tubing.
A Vitus that we could tell was a high end team edition came in for repair.
The Frame was actually a Sean Kelley Edition Vitus.Sean Kelley was an Irish racer that is placed in the history books with Lemond and Merckx as one the best racers of all time.

The KAS markings on the frame was Sean Kelley's own team.
on the frame the letters KAS are in what i would call Irish green, obviously because Kelley was Irish. not only is this bike in just amazing condition, but its loaded with a Full Dura Ace Groupo. Even the Aero Dura Ace seatpost :)Take a Peep!

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