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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cinelli Bling!!

So Ben Coffee (Cinelli Rep. For BTI) rolled into the Shop today.
He was stopping in to show us some of the new Product for 2011.
Lets just say they are bringing back an old Favorite Stem. The new one is going to be an all black Version of the Alter Stem.

But this is what i was most stoked on.
Shaggy noticed this on Ben's hand and happily said " I want one of those!" Shaggy sounded like a kid in a giant Toy store. Ben's Response, "Well that wont happen, since there is only about a dozen of these!" Im not a ring guy but this thing is just rad!
Ben also let me know about a few more Mash and RVCA collabs. that will be hitting stores in the next few Months. Im Sure ill have Pictures of all the Stuff when we roll to Interbike.

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