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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mag is Rad

No folks, Im not talking about your Tuff Wheels..... Or Crew Jones' one hit wonder, best BMX movie of all time.

Im talkin about a group of people that collectively have way too much fun!
A group of engineers has gathered in the Pomona and surrounding areas to form a " Hacker Space"
No they aren't stealing your internet to find out what kind of pornographic images you look at!
They created a space for the knowledgable public to have access to large otherwise unobtainable machinery!
Trent Wilson is the mad scientist behind this project along with his vigilante co-conspirators who have asked to be un-named, for security purposes!
You have ideas and projects and like to tinker with small wires and micro-chips.....
Well find somewhere else!

The guys and gals over at Mag enjoy ugly sweaters and destroying gingerbread houses that their 8 year old little sister made!

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