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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Black Beauty

Our friend Esteban rolled into the shop a few weeks ago with an idea. He wanted to build a simple, affordable and good quality commuter. He decided to stick with a single speed since his commute was only about 5 miles each way. We have built a number of single speed and fixed gear bikes over the past few years and the Pake Rumrunner has shown us to be a reliable source in this situation. Esteban wanted to keep it classy, like his VW Bug! All black frame, chrome Soma fork, silver boxed rims, and an Origin 8 leather saddle, with drilled holes and strung up for extra detail. This bike is a beauty and I had the pleasure of seein her in the sun before Esteban picked her up. Enjoy the ride dude!

1 comment:

Esteban Perez said...

She's been real good. Thanks again dudes!