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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pomona Bike - IN

On Saturday August 25th. Dan Romero, Board member of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition organized a Bike -In movie Screening of To Live and Ride in LA. Everyone had to Ride their bicycle to Palomares Park in Pomona.  Luis from Mobbin Mondays organized a  " there and back" race before the movie started. One racer managed to get a ticket in route back to the park, Thanks Pomona PD.....NOT! Mr. Mayor Rothman counted off the race start, maybe he should write off that ticket for our dude! :)
Screw the politics, everyone had a good time being around other Cyclists.

I rode our shop/trail trailer to the event, trying to get volunteers to take it on the Pacific Electric trail!

Mom and Pop Bumstead rode their new Trek Tandem to the event also. Overall awesome bike event!
o Did I mention some awesome Hot Dogs got grilled up thanks to Pomona Little League Snack bar?!?!

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