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Saturday, July 7, 2012

West Coast Killas.......

         Samuel Arechiga and two of his friends walk into the shop that you might pass by on your way home from work every-day. Talking about a trip Stephen and Shaggy were all too familiar with. The descent, of the southern edge and weathered coast of California. Sam and Manny decide to add a few miles to their their trip. Pedaling from Los Angeles, climbing up the "grapevine" towards SF, and then returning back down the coast a second time. This trip also was cut shorter than anyone wants to admit... but only due to sever injury. Tonight, on channel 5 news! Sam agreed to document as much of the Trip as possible for me from his phone. Team Renegade
Dedicated to having a good time! People in general should travel, get their bodies at an accelerated state.

 Whether it be heart rate, cardio, or enthusiasm ( being in an unfamiliar area of the city that isn't what you would call home.)
These dudes kept it local enough to tell their kids how 3 guys rode their bicycles hundreds of miles, just to say they did it!
They did manage to document the adventure as well. Soon available on DVD in every department store near you! Ill keep you posted when that is up! Bumstead's was able to lend some support for the trip with Water bottles! A few days before they were able to finish their journey to hell and back... the heros were struck by a pesky motorist! Yes, one of those giant gas guzzling metal bubbles! Luckily the guys made it to the hospital and everything is cool!

Heal up and We hope to hear nothing but good stories when you roll into the shop again.

 P.S a few more pictures that Samuel Arechiga sent me during the trip are posted on Flickr

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