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Sunday, April 8, 2012

JD ridding for SE

Our frined and fellow lifer. Johnathan Davis has been ridding for our shop since he was about 8. Me and him used to terrorize the race tracks of Southern California. Now hes traded in his leathers, clips, and full face for a the hard streets, and a fixed gear.
He went out filming with Gus Molina, who has kept Fixed Gear Freestyle ridding Humerous for all us Miscreants that dont take life serious enough. Matt Lingo snapped these shots theother day out in Riverside California. Johnathan said it took him a few tries to land that 17 stair hand rail!
Workin Hard to get a photo like that is definately worth it homie!
Props on getting on the Team!
The boys also rolled through the Battle Bowl.
I gotta give Gus mad props, every time i ride with this guy he shows us some rad hidden spots! Lucky!
Peep the rest of the shots over at Matt Lingo and Dave Beard's photo blog RecFail

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