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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tradition Begins

When a company does such a good job at celebration everlastingness, that IS a word!
how can we not just appreciate a well done poster!?
Mona Caron did a few prints of these.

a company based with " everday Rider" in mind Soma has done nothing but impress me.
i will sadly say i missed their display at interbike.
Why i chose to post about them.
Frames like the Stanyan..

Soma brings a classic good clean fun feel back to the streets.

Youd Think i got paid to wright that hook!? ha

They have started to innovate what the bikes need to be comfortable as a utility bike. Most of their frames come with the option to install fenders aswell as touring racks.
The Stayan on the otherhand brings that roadie snop feel.
bright polished lugs butted to Tange Prestige tubing.

Not going to get you the Merckx WOW factor, but wont get you snarled at by some macho fixed gear rider.
they have some Urban/lifestlye frames and hopefully completes in the works.

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