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Saturday, July 23, 2011

ive had a crazy idea..

Epifiny is the word that describes that instant when in literall terms - You speak to your self and say " oh my god". well i didnt quite have that feeling when these dudes walked in the door but it got there! haha sorry fella's its all in good fun. no doubt good guys. after the bromance of wow these guys love bikes as much as me... and probably crash as much as me... you tend to appreciate.
they call them selves the S. F. C. check out what their boy is printing itll make your brain work!
homies with good ideas think alike. Hand printed patches!
buttons in black and white, simple fun!

While they went to the SummerFixed Event in Venice, while me and stephen held down the shop. they grabbed a pic of our homie Joe Mckeag hoppin over a volume thrasher. everytime i ride with this kid he tears it up. Props on getting Third place man!

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