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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trash Talk Merkcx Mondays!

This early 90's Corsa Extra got brought in for us to build up. Felipe spent quite a few hours on the computer im sure to get all this, but its worth it!
Dura Ace ( first Gen. 8 spd STI)
Ceramic Machine walled rims
Cinelli Cock Pit
Dura Ace Crankset ( needs some extra polishing but will finish off the build)
We all had fun drooling and being a part of getting this damn near to Era Eddy Merkcx together
but you better ride it man!

Now For the Fun part!!
Had another dude a couple months back bring in this beutiful Japanese Frame. Kazana.
Dura Ace Hubs to Open Pros.
Ominum Crank Set
Nitto Cock Pit
There is a bit of story behind this fool.
Prior to this build, we had encountered this gentelmen before, only that time he managed to chop the tip of his index finger off, in the store!
how'd he do it you ask? good question! dont play with a Benotto full Campy on Display! They bite!
Just like the Tradiontal Oni on
the Seat Tube of His new frame.
Some how that makes our business liable for his Medical bills...! Spent the Money Wisely, but youll always have a demon on yo back buddy!

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