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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dad! i think i have Blood in My Dirt!

"my true passion is mountain bikking" -Lloyd Garrison Bumstead II
my dad looked up from working on a wheel the other day and said this to me.

now for those of ya who havent been around awhile... my pops and i used to pull some crazy shit when i was 8 or 9 up in the hills.
he had me on a trail-a-bike everyweekend. even the Big Bear couldnt stop us!
so when he asked me to edit this video for him i really tried to pull together what i and him shared while on a bike.... haha cheeseball enough for ya?
Mountain bikking to me... you loose everything and get to go play. its human beings being out in the wilderness like animals.
my dad is one lucky dude to go out and play in such a beutiful place like GooseBerry Flats in Utah!
my dad was a pool skater back in the pipeline days, and when you see some of the rock formations he drops down. try and catch which ones are shaped like old swimming pools ;)
i hope you enjoy this guys!
i wont ever stop pedaling pops!

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