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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Animal destroys chaffey High

some of the legends of BMX street ridding came through Chaffey High School today ( bout a half mile from the shop)
Chaffey High School has been an oasis in southern california for solid cement ledges. lines have been ridden/skated here that some people would never think of in their wildest dreams. i had the pleasure of ridding at chaffey with about 75 guys that make ridding what i love!. just
having fun. a few on fixed but mainly b
mx. Tom White, Edwin DeLerosa, Niguel Slyverster, DAK, and Robbo-o, were some of the heavy hitters to roll through the ranks, nut the majority of the crowd was local kids just there to have a good ti
me. here are a couple shots from today, ill have more up on my flickr.
A bmx bike rocking a Resist BB? huh? bikes are bikes :)

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