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Thursday, March 10, 2011

BiCi Concepts Bolted Down

So many of you know since the start of Fixed Freestyle the quest for better, stronger , longer lasting foot retention has yet to stop! even guys that are not into tricks same goes for you, double straps and cages, or foot retention. The company that " changed the Game" was HoldFast, handmade in Brooklyn, Velcro single, heavy duty strap.
well to get to the point
Bici Concepts, which got their start saving your junk with style, ha. Top Tube Pads.
Have just release their own foot retention set.
instead of the popular, through the pedal technique, Shilo designed a bolt on way of securing the strap. A heavy duty screw, spacer, and locknut hold the doubled up fabric to the outer holes of the pedal. This method also keeps the options of pedals way more open, due to the smaller space needed to secure the straps.

Shilo and Joe McKeag came in today and showed
us these bad boys.
I watched Joe nose pivot 360 off the stage in Cherry Park yesterday. Props! footage will surface soon im sure!

These straps are going to be available in Standard and Premium version. and wont dent your wallet as bad as you'd think.
Way stoked to put these to work!

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