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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unknown frames starting to get spotted!

so one thing to the growing FGFS scene is the start of smaller new companies: The Grime, Gorilla(RIP), Leader, RYD, and Unknown!
i have been talking closely with the riders of unknown like Sean Rosner, who is killin it right now and i cant wait for his new edit!
anyways, the point of this being we are going to be supporting some of these new up comming companies, one in particular Unknown Bike Co.
Stephen has actually been ridding the V1 frame for a few weeks now and loves it!
in turn we will be getting in some of the first V2 frames to the states ( yes i will have sneak peek pictures up as soon as the boxes arrive)these guys have really looked at the scene well and are producing two frames, a 700c and then also a 26" specific frame.
both with 14mm dropouts, with a hub along with it!
im stoked to get my grubby little paws on one of these bad boys and mess it up a little before we send it off to Sean!
we are doing pre orders for this bike which is going to retail at 375$ emailme here to inquire about pre booking yours! CLICK
as a deal ill be hooking you guys up on the hubs!

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