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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years in SF

A few of you may know i spent the four days the shop was closed for new years in san fran.
if you remember this past summer Stephen, Shaggy, Grant, and a few other dudes went up there aswell, but planned to ride home.
i chose a little different approach for my trip nor
i met up with a good friend of mine Brie, who is a messenger in the Mission district.
she allowed me to shadow her for a few days while she did her deliveries.
anyways long story short, i had a blast, ha was on my bike for the majority of the two full days and saw, met some of the coolest people and places.
Brie works for TCB courier, which covers the whole 7X7.
they are a motivated group of people that just breathe being on their bikes.
" ya know, i really cant complain too much about the customers or stupid people, im on my bike all day, so by the end of the day im happy" - Trevor ( main guy in TCB running the Haight district, legendary for its hills)
CLAIRES DELI. straight up best rueben ive had in my life. this place is a late night eatery in the heart of san fran.
people call from miles away to get this simple and stylish food. Brie would deliver for these guys on a regular basis to countless homes. anyplace with a cleaver as their logo next to a bar with a giant pink martini glass will be good in my books! very classy!

so before i babble too much about the fun i had up there i wanna personally thank Brie for showing me around, she recently got her bike stolen and witness how carring a city can be to people that deserve it! check out her blog ASS Fault
check the rest of the photos on my flickr

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Brie F. said...

add theassfault.com to links to look at on the side of the page dooooooooder.!
and get back to SF!