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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Machines and Chubby Boob Nerds!0

my week end has been quite eventful.
i payed a visit to the Green Bike Program in Pitzer college. Those of you not " with the
program"... ha! its a student run and owner Co- Opp. they help other students with bicycle repairs, rent bikes, do community service workshops, and last but not least Patry with the best of us!
here are a few pictures of my
friday night with some of the volunteers.

i also went to the Chubby Boob Revenge of the Nerds Race on Sunday. i entered the race, which i have never done before. ive organized a few checkpoint races but this one was by far the funnest. got to shoot a paintball gun, play a round of beer pong, and got some cute girl to take a pair of panties off and put them around my neck! Now thats a race! i only got before and after race pictures but im sure there will be shots on Traffik and TOLA. Great event fellas! awesome turn out for the Riverside locals! over 60 people entered the race! have to admit i raced with some of the fastest dudes from LA and with all the respect in the world gave me a run for my money. Hern is one fast BMXer.

check out pics from both events/places on my Flickr

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