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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Volume revamped

Got in the Volume NewManchu! now notched for a peg!
V2 trickster bars for all you kids rocking the wider bars
ANNNND finally the Splined sprocket from Resist
these come in 33t, 36,39, and 42t to get your gearing dialed.
they look beefy and i have a feeling they will hold up! 65- 70 bucks is way better than the tree lite that was going for almost 90...

on a side note... anyone catch whats in the background?
our buddy Brian Blyther let us borrow his '84
Haro Freestyler to show off in the shop.
he recently had it put into a shadow box... this baby is puuuurdy!
gotta respect the start of BMX!
Brian was also a main player in building BMX today by invinting tricks like the sprocket grind on vert... there was a reason he was sponsored by Haro at the age of 14!

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