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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

some new artwork in the shop

this board is suuuuper sick.
a local artist that many of you will know because of his appearance on that disgrace of a show LA Ink, Corey Miller, designed this deck. The Boss man is an older skater from back in the Pipeline days, so he was super stoked to get this piece in the shop. Corey has been around our area forever and gained his name in the tattoo world by being an amazing freehand tattoo artist! many of our customers have his first pieces that were done out of his basement.
Corey has also just recently opened up a new art Gallery in Downtown Upland Called "Timeless".
i went to the Opening about a month ago, awesome show! Had a few pieces from Mike Giant, which i can never complain about ha.
this is number 3 of 100 decks that were made with Corey's design on it. love the classic Japanese work man, always bringing the thunder!
Come in the shop to peep the deck.

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