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Monday, October 4, 2010

Skvngr Frames

just got this email today from my boy Nick over at Animal/Skvngr
of the new Skvngr frames due in this winter.
sick bird headbadge!
the Skvngr Frame should be pretty sick. for those of you not familiar with the brands, Animal and Skvngr are some of the toughest product out right now. Animal has been doing quality BMX parts for some time now and hyping up the Skvngr name.
Hailing from the east coast, keeping their roots in the city, they bring that Brooklyn feel to the bmx scene.
all rider owned and operated.
there clothing line is probably some of the freshest stuff available right now.
ive got a couple flannel shirts and snap back hats.
be sure to check our shop for all the gear soon!
i expect big things!

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