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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


just some random things going down at Bumsteads Ha

part of being in a building thats been around forever is the fact strange things happen when water hits cracks that react with chemicals in the ground and form weird rainbow jell ball things that come out of the ground?!?! Freaky sounding right?
check it!

Every Second Wednesday of the Month a new ride is Starting in Downt
own Upland meets at 7pm
at the Gazebo. (9th st. and Seco
nd Ave. ) Good turn out for the first run!

Memo Grubbed on some "Fucking Good Pizza" today. HA
Memo " The Machine" started working for us awhile back and is a great guy to have Wrenchin' with us! And this little dude is

Round Table's BBQ Supreme with no Bacon add pineapple!
Eat It!

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