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Monday, September 27, 2010

interbike/vegas/finally recovered!

Many of you know bout interbike being held in vegas last week.
well there was tons of really amazing stuff.
too much to sit here and list.
me and stephen's brains still hurt from
the over load of bike stuff.
here are a fews pics from the week.

The New Cinelli Mash Colorway ( will be available for preorder aswell as the Vigorelli)
Leader's Shadow Frame ( pre order now)
this decal is siiick with the dreamcatcher!

The New Resist Crank set!!

10tooth Fixed Cog. Design by Specialized... if someone else made it,
id be stoked. when the guy Presenting the frame and parts to me says, " we didnt make these to make money, we made this to show all you Fixed Kids we can Follow a Trend"
F- That! i dont ride a bike for a Trend!

these are just some highlights! the rest of the photos can be found on my Flickr, ill be posting more pics all week!
ill finish this post with some pics of our boy Shaggy makin Vegas fun!

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