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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what a wednesday!!

SO... i walk in to my Buddy Dale's Place, The Velo.
first thing i see are these long board decks!
one is from a Long Beach Band Called Dub Allstars, which is now hanging from my wall
the other is designed by Ben Harper supposedly only 100 made, sick anyways. The Ben Harper one went to the Boss Man because i got his long board stolen a few months back!

after i drool over the boards, Sam pulls me inside the shop and shows me a box from, The Campy Lady!
from what i hear of this women her husband was a racer in the 80's and gathered all kinds of high-end parts from back in the day!
well here is a giant box of new old stock campy components, as Dale says " Dont Hate!"

and lastly, a tall bike!
yes in LA and bigger cities, tall bikes for days, but in the good ol IE its very rare!
cool kid, let me ride the beast and got a lil waive from some hottie bro hoes while i was cruising 6 feet up in the air!

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