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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The things That roll In.

I walk into the shop 15 min late as usual, and my phone buzzes with a text message from my boy Dale at The Velo. the message reads " Just picked up a Specialized Allez, Don't Hate!"
My First reaction was big deal Dale got some old road bike that hes stoked on whats new, WRONG!
True, its no Merkcx, or Colnago, etc. But this 1983 Specialized Allez had full Campy Record on it. which i found out later Dale didn't even see when he purchased from the son of some random ex-racer in Claremont. Sam, Dales son, started to wipe the dust off the bike and nudges his dad and says, " Papa this has a Full Record Group, and Cinelli Cock pit"
Still this bike to most is just a classy old road bike, buttt there is a little twist to this bike in particular that makes me geek out on it just a tad more.
Specialized from its beginning had always had other frame companies make their frames, yes today they produce their own product blah blah blah ( as you can tell i don't like them all that much :) ) Anyways, this Allez was a 1983, and in 1983 Specialized Bicycle Company got in touch with a then fairly small frame manufacture in Japan, 3Rensho!
the only proof to this frame being a 3Rensho produced product is a small stamp on the BB
saying Medalist in a Diamond

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