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Saturday, July 31, 2010

a super natural pake friday!

as you know ive thrown up builds of mountain bikes, road Bikes, anything really.
well we had a really chill dude come in the shop the other day. he was checkin out the Pake completes we sell at 599$
he ends up customizing the whole build and just making a clean commuter bike that perfect for getting on the streets, but still has enough style your friends wont laugh when you ride up!
as we are talking about the bikes, parts, colors what not, he mentions he raps. he mentions hes going to be doing rock the bells. long story short the dude im talking is
Mc Supernatural.
if any of you kids know me, your thinking " Dude you dont listen to hip hop your white, grungy biker kid!"
well i may not be neck deep into the hip hop culture but i know enough to recognize the dude as being legit.
enough of me blabbering
chill dude, rad bike, pleasure meeting ya man!

*** Shaggy was rebuilding his entire rear wheel trying to get a 3/8 axle into track hubs.
pegs on our Thrashers isnt working out all too well!