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Monday, May 31, 2010

By Cyclists for Cyclists: the dudes @ Osloh

Osloh is a company based out of New York that is designing extremely nice jeans. when i put a pair of these pants on i instantly knew id be wearing them quite often. ive worn them 2 to 3 times just to go out. Not to Mention these jeans are super comfortable while ridding, and hold up to my rough ridding.
Osloh double padded and double stitched the seat of these pants to make them more comfortable and sturdy for riders. on the right leg of the pants there is an extra gaurd of denim to help prevent you threads from getting sucked into that pesty chain. The gaurd holds up from personal experience. The jeans also come with even more of a nice touch, buttons to tighten up that right leg, so all you hipsters dont need to roll up the cuffs anymore.
For summer Osloh even has some badass shorts.
we are going to have a good selection in the shop shortly. They aint Cheap but if im willing to fork over the cash for jeans then trust me, they are worth it.

Osloh offers an assortment of different style of pants with different utility pockets and denim colors. There are even 3 different cuts. They came up with some clever names for the cuts, i went with the "Every Man" cut for the bit of relaxed look. And Yes they have a Slim Straight cut. Even the type of denim was amazing, stain and odor resistant.
Osloh brings the designer look with a utilitarian twist.
The full button up fly is my only gripe, no quick,whip, piss, and go while out on a ride.
Keep and eye out for Osloh and the Burro stuff on the webstore soon

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