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Saturday, May 8, 2010

bike Polo!

well this isnt out typical cup of tea for this blog, but some local kids have been really getting into this so i figured id post something about a bike i found rather cool while scrolling through some blogs ( how hipster does that sound? you all do it! haha)
so this is a neat, beefy bike The Joust by Fleet Velo
a division of Waterford, for those of you who dont know Waterford, well lets just say... a man from the original Schwinn family runs it. very nice custom/high end frames.
anyways back to my point, this bike polo bike is really clean, it was unveiled about a year ago at the NAHBS. The Schwinn family did some really innovative stuff to this Frame to make it more Polo friendly. Just a few things i read from the NAHBS Blog the BB is moved to a Horizontal angle with the rear Triangle to give the Joust enough tire clearance on 26in. wheels. The Frame has a relaxed Track feel but the responsive and speediness needed on the court for polo players.
Maybe a Polo Night behind Bumstead's?? caught found this over at indyCog thanks boyss!