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Friday, January 29, 2010

Beach Cruiser Bicycle - The Perfect Bicycle on a Beach Ride Available at Bumstead's Bicycles in Montclair

Here is a very informative article about everything you want to know about beach cruisers.  I suggest givng it a read- there is a ton of info in there!   To read the full article click HERE!

"Going to the beach is a fun thing to do in summer when the weather is too hot to stay inside the house. And one great way to make your beach experience more fun is to ride a beach cruiser bicycle. Although the bike is perfect for the sandy beach, it is also a great comfort bike on paved roads. It is lightweight and looks cool. The first beach cruiser bicycle was first manufactured back in the early 30's and it became popular until the 50's. Today, makers of bicycles renewed the beach cruiser bicycle and many people enjoy the easy ride that it gives. The beach cruiser or cruiser bicycle has certain features that only this type of bicycle can provide."
To finish reading the rest of the article, click HERE!