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Monday, November 30, 2009

Oldest Bike Shop in America Celebrating 100th Birthday December 4-6

Nov 18, 2009 – Known for it's airport and the grandest motor speedway ever built, Ontario is also home to the most romantic jewel in America.  When considering romantic notions, the top ten would certainly include bicycles and small family businesses.  Now contemplate the oldest bike shop in America continuously owned by one family, and you have Bumstead's Bicycles of Ontario, California.

Lloyd Garrison Bumstead II, great, great, grandson of the founder, Lloyd Garrison Bumstead, will preside over the store's 100th Birthday celebration December 4-6.  "We are humbled to be carrying on the legacy and keeping it in the family.  My son, Lloyd Garrison III who goes by Garrison, is actively involved in the store.  We can't know the future, but the shop is likely to be here for many years to come."

Founded just 25 years after the "invention" of the modern bicycle, Bumstead's is known for more than just it's longevity.  Lloyd continues, "We were the first Schwinn Shop in Southern California.  And since most historians consider Schwinn stores to have the the first franchises, our business was at the forefront of both the huge Schwinn domination of the business and of the franchise concept.  At one time Schwinn was one of the most recognized brands in America, right up there with Coke and Chevrolet."

Bumstead's almost came up short on its quest to hit 100 years.  The company moved into a new shopping center three years ago, and the move did not go well.  With barely enough business to keep going the family moved back into its old store and is now on a massive growth curve, with sales soaring almost 30% in 2009.

"So we're having a multi-purpose party," says Garrison.  We're saluting our forefathers, thanking the community for its support, and celebrating our near-death experience and survival."  The entire cycling community of all ages is invited to come over and share some of the best Taco's available in this city or any other.  We have loads of door prizes to give away, and sale prices that in some cases might be confused with give aways."

The sale starts Friday December 4 and last through the party on Sunday.  The party starts at 1:00 on Sunday and goes until we run out of Tacos and free stuff.

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