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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fixie BIkes, Fixed Gear, Single Speed, SE Draft Lite - See, Try, Buy at Bumstead's Bicycles, Ontario, California

Riding a track bike is to riding a traditional road bike as driving a Porche is to a Taurus. Quick, agile, stiff, tuned to the rider. Garrison Bumstead, 5th generation of Bumstead's Bicycles to bring exciting new ideas to cycling manages the track, fixed, gear, single speed part of the business. He is producing rides, drag races, relays, and other events for the crowd that enjoys the fixie experience and the hanging out together that goes with it.

In this video, Garrison does a few simple (ok, not that simple) stunts on the bike, explains some of the basics of fixed gear riding, and gives a short analysis of their best selling, entry level fixed gear bike, the SE Draft Lite.

Whether you have an old fixer-upper that you want to convert to fixed gear, need a built up bike, or want to build your own unique fixie from the frame up, Bumsteads is the place to get it done.

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