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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Landmark Bike Shop 100 Years Young in Ontario California

One of the oldest bicycle shops in America, and possibly the oldest continuously owned by one family, Bumstead's Bicycles opened its doors in 1909. On the verge of closing some 20 years ago, Lloyd Bumstead, the fourth generation owner, changed career paths and decided to keep the shop in family hands. Now carrying the number one brand in American, Trek Bicycles, the bike shop has a full range of products to take care of everyone in the family.

The fifth generation, Garrison, puts in as many hours as he can while hitting the books at the local community college. He aspires to a teaching career, but the lure of continuing such a tradition may take hold of him or his sister, Katie-Rose, who at 17 has a show-stopping singing voice. Store mom, Nancy, does community outreach, working with the city and various charities to help Ontario be all that it can be.

Other brands carried include Oakley sunglasses, Trek clothing, Mirraco freecycle, Eastern BMX, Intense BMX, and FIT freestyle. Fixed Gear is now hot at Bumsteads. Garrison is setting up various races and events throughout 2009 for the fixie crowd. The number one selling category is currently cruisers with Nirve and 3G creating fun and excitement.

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